Xbox LIVE Update Preview Program invites sent

We’re about a day or so behind, but know this: Major Nelson says the first wave of Xbox LIVE Update Preview Program invites were blasted to e-mail inboxes in the recent past. Those of you who bothered with registering on the Microsoft Connect Web site may or may not have an invitation waiting, but if you do, you’ll be able to join in on the Twitter and Facebook fun with the rest of the privileged world.

Just don’t expect to get a taste of Halo Waypoint until next week.

Unlike the last update, Nelson didn’t specify if Microsoft was still taking applications for the Preview Program process, but it wouldn’t hurt to fiddle with Connect to see if registration is still open if you’re really hot to tweet as hard as Brad Nicholson does from the NXE dashboard.

Confused? Live under a rock? Hit up our video tour of this upcoming update.

Brad BradNicholson