Xbox Live Originals contest ends on a puppy-chokingly unfunny note

The above video is the winner of the Xbox Live Originals contest, a showcase for the finest in whatever the hell that thing up there is. Microsoft was offering entrants a chance for a $100,000 budget and a six episode run of downloadable shows on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and the above clip — entitle Bouchedags — beat out a field that must have consisted of video clips of women stomping kittens to death and the atrocities comitted during the Rape of Nanking.

I have to say people, I consider myself a clever, entertaining person and that clip up there made my chest hurt. Not in a metaphorical way either, it actually damaged my sternum and corroded my right aorta. It was so painfully unfunny that I’ve developed a heart murmur and may one day die of complications related to the aforementioned condition. If only Microsoft didn’t see fit to encourage the most idiotic sector of the current MTV demographic — the ones whose parents saw fit to buy them video cameras — I might live to see my own children attend college, drop out, develop drug habits and die of heart-related illness courtesy of Microsoft’s next community generated content contest Xbox Live’s Smash Your Genitals With A Hammer And Mail Us The Results Contest.

Look for this “show” to appear on the XBL Marketplace shortly.

Earnest Cavalli
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