Xbox Live introduces YoYo Membership: Well, it’s going up and down like one

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Microsoft had already warned us that Xbox Live would be down for the duration of September 29 to pave way for the new Xbox Experience, but it seems that there is just too much awesome* to fit into one day’s downtime.

Xbox Live is currently down again, for the second time today. Just a head’s up in case you think you’ve been banned, as I always believe when I can’t get into Live for whatever reason. MS is aware of the situation:

Users will not be able to connect or log into Xbox LIVE. We are aware of the problem and working to resolve the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

People have had issues signing in during two periods today. One was fifteen hours ago. What could be the problem? Maybe Xbox Live can’t handle the amount of fapjuice drenching its servers with Mega Man 9‘s release? Here’s hoping this isn’t a repeat of the beginning of the year.

PS3 fans are now invited to talk about how the PlayStation Network is free and isn’t down. Xbox 360 fans, feel free to counter by suggesting that nobody is playing on the PSN. You may then both call each other “gay.”

*no awesomeness is guaranteed to be awesome.

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