Xbox Live Indie Game’s top 20 rated games ending 2009

For anyone who has braved the wilds of Xbox Live Indie Games you know that it can be a dangerous place. One moment you can download a game that is the best thing ever made in the entire universe and the next you’re playing a game no better than what your cat leaves in your litter box. It can be risky business, luckily there are user ratings that can help. IndieGamer decided they would check out the top rated games at the end of 2009 and see what the gamers themselves were liking the best at the close of the decade.

Turns out you like zombies and lacrosse in the U.S. and zombies and miners in the UK. I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!1 was number one in both areas with Inside Lacrosse’s CL2010 following that in the U.S. and Miner Dig Deep in the UK. The rest of the lists, which you can peruse below, are pretty similar just with games in different places. See we’re not so different after all, the British just call soccer by the wrong name.

Top 20 Rated US, UK Xbox Live Indie Games: Dec. 29th [IndieGames, via Joystiq]

U.S. Top 20

(1) I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1
(2) Inside Lacrosse’s CL2010
(3) Arkedo Series – 03 PIXEL!
(4) Miner Dig Deep
(5) Beat Hazard
(6) ezmuze+ Hamst3r edition
(7) ZP2K9
(8) Groov
(9) Kodu Game Lab
(10) Arkedo Series – 01 JUMP!
(11) CarneyVale Showtime
(12) Platypus
(13) The Impossible Game
(14) Solar
(15) Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight
(16) Square Off
(17) Gerbil Physics
(18) Johnny Platform Saves Xmas!
(19) Avatar Drop
(20) Twin Blades

UK Top 20

(1) I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1
(2) Miner Dig Deep
(3) Arkedo Series – 03 PIXEL!
(4) Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight
(5) SFG Soccer
(6) ezmuse + Hamst3r edition
(7) PlatypusIndie Games Review
(8) Beat Hazard
(9) Johnny Platform Saves Christmas
(10) ZP2K9
(11) Arkedo Series – 01 JUMP!
(12) Kodu Game Lab
(13) Leave Home
(14) Avatar Drop
(15) The Impossible Game
(16) Johnny Platform’s Biscuit Romp
(17) CarneyVale Showtime
(18) Junkyard Battle
(19) Inside Lacrosse’s CL2010
(20) Gerbil Physics

Matthew Razak