Xbox Live Arcade Awards: Decide which games make it to the top

Here’s another chance to voice your opinion and ultimately choose which games get the high honors. This time around, you get to prove your undying love for your favorite Xbox Live Arcade games that were released in 2007.

With categories like “best competitive multiplayer game” and “best original game,” I couldn’t help but vote for Bomberman Live and Pacman CE as much as humanely possible. There are a few other categories barred from voting such as “best selling game” that will be announced at GDC in February, along with the general public’s top picks.

Speaking of Live Arcade, don’t forget that this week is your one and only opportunity to download Undertow for free. You’ll have from Wednesday to Sunday to nab the freebie, but after that it’ll return to its usual price of $10. Does one game make up for Live’s annoying dropouts? I’m going with Hamza on this one and saying not really, but it’s a nice gesture anyway.

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