Xbox is allegedly announcing something big at The Game Awards

Don’t keep us in the Dark

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It’s the most excruciating week of the year for a games blogger, the week where the only stuff that qualifies as news is “Something might happen at The Game Awards.” Thus, I am here again to tell you that something else might happen at The Game Awards.

There’s a breadcrumb trail of evidence that Xbox has something up its sleeve for The Game Awards. First and foremost, Xbox has been promoting the show through its social channels. Xbox has also mentioned The Game Awards elsewhere, like in its most recent Game Pass post. Most interesting (via VGC), is that Jeff Grubb said on a new GamesBeat podcast that “Microsoft has something coming to The Game Awards, I know that much.”

The smart money (or at least the wishful “This could be a really big announcement” money) is that Xbox will lift the veil on whatever its new studio, The Initiative, is working on. The rumor that has picked up the most momentum over the past few months is that it’s some sort of full reboot of the Perfect Dark universe. 

That speculation may come to an end on Thursday evening. Xbox has something up its sleeve. Last year, it was the formal introduction (and official name reveal) of the Xbox Series X. Of course, Microsoft owns a whole bunch of studios now, so this announcement could come from any corner. It’s expected to be big, whatever it is.

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