Xbox has the rights to The Division’s DLC exclusivity

Two out of three ain’t bad

The past several years have seen the two biggest platform-holders, Sony and Microsoft, competing for rights to the most popular games’ post-launch content. Call of Duty has always been the most alluring draw, and it recently switched from Xbox to PS4 timed-exclusivity. Destiny is another notable example, as Activision and Bungie also sided with Sony.

Microsoft isn’t getting shut out, however. Just today, Ubisoft announced that the first two Division add-ons will be Xbox exclusives for 30 days. Underground and Survival are scheduled for later in the summer; whenever they’re set for release, tack on one month to get the PC and PS4 dates. The final DLC pack, Last Stand, arrives this winter to a simultaneous launch across all platforms.

Timed-exclusivity is never the most consumer-friendly route, but it’s a reality of video game business in 2016. At least this example won’t prevent people from enjoying a game, like was the case with Rise of the Tomb Raider. It just holds their DLC back for a while, which feels like a wholly less egregious offense.

If you’re committed to getting The Division, but are unsure of the platform you want it on, maybe this news will nudge you in a certain direction. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll inspire you to pick up an Xbox One. After all, that’s the reason Microsoft plunked down cash to make this deal happen.

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