Xbox reveals Remix controller with reclaimed materials and rechargeable battery pack

Xbox Remix controller

A controller made up of, partially, other controllers

Earth Day is coming up, and Xbox is joining in by revealing a controller made of other controllers. The Xbox Wireless Controller Remix Special Edition is a new version of the Xbox controller, partially made with reclaimed materials.

The Xbox Wire blog goes into deeper detail, but each Remix controller will have recovered plastics, specifically one-third of it made from regrind and reclaimed materials. This means that each Remix should have its own little touches of swirls and markings, to make yours very special.

Notably, this means that these Remix controllers are made up of, among other things, reground controllers. As Microsoft describes it, there are mechanically recycled leftover Xbox One generation controller parts ground back into raw material in there, which has been used as a component for the new controllers. The circle of Xbox life.

The Remix controller also comes with a special feature: the Xbox Rechargeable Battery Pack. This lets you dispose of those disposable batteries, and either charge while you play or afterwards, with up to 30 hours of battery life per charge according to Xbox. I have fond memories of these little packs from the 360 era.

The Remix to emissions

The Remix Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller will go live on April 18, with an $84.99 price tag. It also comes with a textured grip, hybrid D-pad, button mapping, and Bluetooth built-in.

Xbox is also highlighting other sustainability efforts its making, and Microsoft Rewards members will be able to earn and donate points to support environmental organizations throughout April. This includes the World Wildlife Fund,, and the Nature Conservancy.

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