points to XBLA status for The Gunstringer

As far as Kinect games go, Twisted Pixel’s The Gunstringer is pretty high up there for positive Internet buzz. More of that has to do with the studio’s pedigree than anything else, since we’ve seen admittedly very little on this latest project. Naturally, we’re digging for whatever minor details we can get our hands on.

Here’s a not-so-minor one: listed The Gunstringer as an Xbox Live Arcade game. (The page has since been pulled but is still viewable here.) Assuming this isn’t a mistake on the part of whoever writes content for the site, which could be the case, wow — reassuring news for many of you.

The notion of XBLA titles using Kinect is far more exciting to me than full retail games, at this point. There’s just that much more room for experimentation with lower budgets.

The Gunstringer branded an Xbox Live Arcade title on [Joystiq]

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