Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available on Apple and Windows 10 for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers

Xbox keeping older games playable

It’s getting cloudy

Xbox’s Cloud Gaming is bringing in more potential players. Today, Xbox announced that Cloud Gaming will be available to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers with a PC or Apple phone or tablet, across 22 countries.

Essentially, it’s the rollout of the beta, now expanding out to the whole Game Pass Ultimate userbase. Detailed in today’s Xbox blog, members can simply boot up Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Safari on a PC or mobile device and start playing cloud-enabled games from the Game Pass Library.

Crucially, this doesn’t require an Xbox console to use. It will be using some serious Xbox hardware on the server side though, as the company says its cloud gaming is now powered by custom Xbox Series X hardware. Some games even have custom touch controls, alongside existing support for Xbox controllers and other supported accessories.

Even wilder is that game saves will also carry over. I’ve had Game Pass for a while now, mostly just so I can mess around in games I hear about on a whim. But being able to freely access, say, MLB The Show 21 in a browser window? Wild times we’re living in. You can play the entire Yakuza series in a browser.

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