Xbox 360 wins Santa time race

According to the NDP, North American estimates put the Xbox 360 on top for the holiday season, beating out the next-gen offerings of the Wii and PlayStation 3. Though, to be fair, neither the Wii nor PS3 had enough units out there to really compete. Still, it’s a good sign that some people are aware that the 360 is the only real next-gen choice right now … or we can say current gen now, right?

According to NDP, the Xbox 360 sold 2 million units followed by the Nintendo Wii which managed to shift 1.8 million. PS3 meanwhile, presumably still suffering from an on-going hardware drought, only managed to shift 750,000 units.

It’s got the best games, the best online service, and the best bang for your buck. If you don’t have a 360 yet, then what are you waiting for? My Rainbow Six Vegas gun is waiting to blow you away. 

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