Xbox 360 price drop in Japan, new bundle

Beginning next month, Japanese gamers will be able to nab an Xbox 360 for a new, discounted price.

The price fell for the Premium 20GB Xbox 360 bundle from 39,795 yen to 34,800 yen, or about $300. The Core system also got a nice cut, down to 27,800 yen ($244). 

The upcoming limited edition bundle is the one that potential Japanese Xbox 360 owners are going to want to grab. The 20GB “Value Pack” is bundled with Viva Piñata and Forza Motorsport 2, and will be priced exactly the same as the 20GB bundle, at 34,800 yen. 

Japan should see each of these systems on shelves come November.

[Via Next-Gen — Thanks, JV] 

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