Xbox 360 Left 4 Dead getting dedicated Live servers

For console fans worried that zombie shooter Left 4 Dead would cause yet another Xbox Live crash thanks to player congestion, it might please you to know that the game will be getting dedicated servers. With a game sold on its online co-op, that’s definitely how you do it right. Valve hasn’t stated how many servers will be available, but the promise is that “everyone’s covered.” Great news.

Split-screen play is also being done properly, with two players able to play locally with others online from the same console. You’ll also be able to choose whether you want the screen split vertically or horizontally. Sounds like a small detail, but it’s a big indicator of just how serious Valve is about making co-op play as perfect an experience as possible. 

DLC is also going to be coming, and Valve is already planning new campaigns, weapons and bosses. A flamethrower is also hinted as something that could be on the way. Going back to the Xbox 360, it seems that console support is important to the Left 4 Dead team, with a very subtle aim-assist and the ability to turn around with one bumper push. 

An engaging zombie AI is also promised, with infected creatures sensitive to sound, and even prone to attacking each other if fully enraged. The idea of making enemies fight brings back memories of Doom, which used that feature to great effect. There are even more details, all thanks to 1UP, and you can hit the jump for some of the news they’ve brought back for the rest of us to devour like flesh-starved mutants.

The rest of 1UP’s findings:

  • There are four campaigns, with five chapters each
  • The hospital level seen in demos is based on Philadelphia
  • Another level is based on Pittsburg (evidently Valve has some Steelers fans)
  • Other levels cover a small town and an airport
  • Achievements are based on social engineering ideas and we got a couple of them:
    1. “Bite your tongue” – Kill Smoker (Enemy with prehensile tongue) before he can pull you in
    2. “Sharp Shooter” – Complete Co-op chapter without any friendly fire
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