Xbox 360 isn’t ruining Final Fantasy, claims Square Enix

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When Final Fantasy XIII was announced for the Xbox 360, the usual run of predictable bitchery was had — “Oh wah, this means the game’s going to get delayed,” and “Oh wah, this means the quality of the game is going to be brought down,” or my personal favorite “SQUARE ENIX ARE TRADERS!”

Final Fantasy XIII producer and “trader” Yoshinori Kitase has gone out of his way to ease the fears of these twelve-year-olds by assuring them that the quality of FFXIII won’t suffer on the PS3 thanks to the extreme limitations that we all know the 360 has. You know, those limitations that make every single multiplatform title have N64-era graphics.

“The PS3 version is what is in development right now and the team is looking to specialize it for the PS3 so that the game is maximized,” Kitase told OPM Australia. “And then they will port it over to the 360 and fully utilize the capabilities of that console.”

So there. Final Fantasy XIII will not, in fact, ruin your life just because it’s coming out on the Xbox 360 as well. Of course, the 360 version will still be released on FIFTEEN THOUSAND DISCS ROFL!

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