Xbox 360 is like underage pregnancy — very popular with teenagers

The Xbox 360, along with cocaine, curbstomping grannies and the aforementioned pregnancy, is incredibly popular with teenagers. This is according to a recent poll in which Microsoft’s highly reliable and robust system was shown to be more popular among youths than its rivals.

Of the 4500 teens polled (insert joke about “polling” teens here), 39% wanted a console on Christmas Day. It can be assumed that the other 61% have already stolen their desired electronics for the year. The 360 was the most desired console with 20% of votes, while the Wii earned 19% and the PlayStation 3 only 15%.

The snot-nosed bastards were surveyed via online hangout Habbo, which sounds a bit like “hobo” and “Haribo.” That’s pretty much all I know about Habbo.

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