XBLA retro game release pattern will stop soon

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This week’s Xbox Live Arcade game is retro title, Defender. Luckily, it will only cost us 400 Microsoft Points. For those of you interested, here is what the game entails:

  • Classic and enhanced modes: Play this arcade classic the way it was back in the day, or play it with sound and visual enhancements for next-gen.
  • Full Xbox Live support: Access leaderboards for single player, versus, co-op, and weekly stats, and earn 12 achievements for a total of 200 gamerpoints.
  • Multiplayer mania: Test your skills against rivals or team up with your friends. Play on or offline in co-op or versus mode, combining your scores or matching them against each other for the win.

A lot of you guys are probably mad that we got yet another classic game instead of something new. Well, your prayers have been answered, because RoboBlitz is going to be available very soon!  It is technically the first released game to utilize the Unreal 3 Engine (RoboBlitz was released on PC a few days before Gears of War) and it should 1200 Microsoft Points ($15 USD).

There is also strong indication that Microsoft will be releasing multiple Live Arcade games per week through this holiday season. Expect Small Arms later this month, as well as Gyruss and Pacman World 3 sometime in the near future.

What do you think about these games? I’m just glad that we are getting a variety of games now.

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