X10: Dead Rising 2’s new screens have me squeeing

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From Microsoft’s X10 event today we learned that Dead Rising 2 is coming on August 31st. Nice. If you’ve ever done time at an anime convention, you know about squeeing. It’s like a high-pitched squeal of delight that you’d typically release when you see something that excites you. It’s girly, but I did that when I first saw Dead Rising 2, and I’m doing it again with this new information and screenshots.

There’s some interesting backdrops in the new screen set. Some of them look very Las Vegas, with the themed restaurants and the strip joint called The Peep Hole. Please let there be zombie strippers. Please let there be zombie strippers.

The boxing gloves with little swords taped onto them? Yes. Please. Game of the year?

Sh*t. Here comes another one of those squees.

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