X-Play reveals new, enhanced format

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Hey you! Yeah, you, the one complaining that G4 has lost touch with its roots, and that you’re more likely to see a re-run of C.O.P.S than an interview with Ken Levine. This one is for you.

X-Play has officially revealed an enhanced format, one that will have the show airing every weeknight at 8 pm, and concentrating on comprehensive videogame industry coverage. They’re talking news, game demos, interviews, and of course, the series’ trademark reviews. The new format comes with an all new look, along with some new features, as well and Kristin Holt delivering cheating snakes the goods with a “Tips and Tricks from ‘Cheat'” segment.

Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb will unveil this baby on Monday, January 14, when the show makes its premiere on G4. The show’s Web site will also transform into a beautiful butterfly, ushering in the new “X-Play Gaming Update Blog,” which will be crushed under the force of Destructoid’s major industry presence.

Just kidding, guys — we love ya’, and are setting our DVRs as this post goes live. Press release after the jump.

“X-Play” Jumps to the Next Level with New Enhanced Format Emphasizing Daily, Comprehensive Coverage of the Videogame Industry

New Episodes Featuring Daily Videogame News, Reviews, Interviews, Demos and More Premiere on G4 January 14, 2008 at 8 pm ET/PT

LOS ANGELES, December 12, 2007 – First came the next-generation consoles.  Then, the next-gen games.  Now, gamers have a next-gen TV series.  “X-Play,” the most-watched videogame series on television, will unveil an all-new and expanded format in 2008 that adds breaking news, demos, videos, interviews and more to the series’ celebrated reviews.  The updated “X-Play,” featuring an all-new look and all-new content, premieres Monday, January 14, 2008 at 8 pm, only on G4.

New, half-hour episodes of “X-Play” will premiere every weeknight at 8 pm, giving viewers a comprehensive update on each day’s videogame-related developments, along with a wide range of new features, including behind-the-scenes sneak peeks at games in development; interviews with industry luminaries; live, hands-on demonstrations of games before they hit store shelves and in-depth analysis of the latest videogame trends.  

“Over the past few years, the videogame industry has evolved at a rapid pace” said Neal Tiles, president, G4.  “The all-new ‘X-Play’ will provide greater depth of coverage, furthering its role as television’s most watched resource for videogames.”

Hosts Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler, who have earned a reputation for delivering smart, entertaining and on-target reviews, will continue as “X-Play” hosts.  As part of the series’ relaunch, Adam Sessler has also been named G4’s Managing Editor, Games Editorial, making him responsible for the show’s overall editorial focus.

“I couldn’t be more excited about the direction ‘X-Play’ is taking,” said Adam Sessler, host, “X-Play.”  “Reviews will still be a big part of the show, but now we’re going to make sure that viewers are also updated regularly on everything else going on in the world of video games.”

“The games, the consoles, the companies and even the players are constantly evolving.  So is ‘X-Play,’” said Morgan Webb, host, “X-Play.”  “Every day, we’ll give gamers the stories behind the games they love.”

In addition to the expanded focus on news and industry trends, new “X-Play” segments and features will include:

• Tips and Tricks from “Cheat!” – “X-Play” will include integration with “Cheat!,” G4’s videogame tips and tricks series. Each week, host Kristin Holt will deliver the latest updates on achievements, unlockables, level guides, secrets and other cheats from the most popular new games.

• “The MMO Report” – The updated “X-Play” format also includes regular updates from the massively multiplayer online universe.  Casey Schreiner, host of g4tv.com’s “The MMO Report,” will update viewers on the hottest MMO news and trends.  Complete episodes of “The MMO Report” will continue to air on g4tv.com.

• “X-Play” Gamer Challenges – Viewers will have a chance to win prizes and compete for gamer pride in an ongoing series of game challenges.

• Hands-On Demos – Gameplay demos will give viewers an exclusive sneak peek at the hottest new games before the titles hit store shelves.

The “X-Play” Web site will undergo significant updates as well, including a new and improved “X-Play” videogame review database featuring thousands of game critiques.  A new “X-Play Gaming Update Blog,” with up-to-the-minute gaming news, previews and exclusives will also launch, along with a wide variety of more behind-the-scenes features, game trailers and gameplay videos than ever before.  “X-Play” will also retain its cutting-edge interactive elements that allow viewers to communicate directly with hosts and other “X-Play” fans.  Featured on-screen elements will include live updates highlighting the world’s leading gamers as tracked by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo on their respective consoles.

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