X-Play airs screencap of Rock Band 2 song selection screen [Update]

When Rock Band 2 was announced yesterday, Harmonix wasn’t giving any details of the game’s song selection, saying only that the game has “the strongest playlist we’ve ever assembled.” Now, we’ve got a preview of that. Dtoider power-glove has sent in a doozy of a tip from the ScoreHero forums, that bastion of die-hard music game fans around the world.

According to the forumites, tonight’s episode of X-Play showed a screenshot from the song selection screen in Rock Band 2 — you can see it for yourself above. It shows the cross-game DLC compatibility that Harmonix promised: note that the last two songs, Boston’s “More Than A Feeling” and “All The Small Things” by Blink-182, were made available as DLC for Rock Band.

Here are the other nine tracks, and their presumed artists:

  • Dream Theater – “Panic Attack” (could also be Finger Eleven)
  • System of a Down – “Chop Suey”
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Give It Away”
  • Foo Fighters – “Everlong”
  • Kim Wilde – “Kids in America”
  • Motörhead – “Ace of Spades”
  • Cheap Trick – “Hello There”
  • Journey – “Any Way You Want It”
  • The Who – “Pinball Wizard”

Here’s some more in-depth analysis of the screenshot. Note the “2” to the left of the first nine tracks, and the different circular icon next to the two songs from Rock Band — it’s the arrow that signifies DLC, so that’s how they’re differentiating between songs on the Rock Band 2 game disc and downloaded tracks.

Either way, that purported tracklist has me in a tizzy. I want this game NOW.


[power-glove lives on the ScoreHero forums]

[Update: The ever-so-gracious power-glove has provided us with a significantly improved image. It confirms that the icons next to the Boston and Blink-182 songs are the old download arrow icons; the post has been updated to reflect this.]

Samit Sarkar