X-Men Origins: Wolverine pre-order exclusive DLC

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Activision has set up some cool exclusive DLC with games retailer GameStop for X-men Origins: Wolverine.

With your preorder you’ll get access to four exclusive rooms that offer “new toys” in what they call the Weapon X Arena. They say that the environment is separate from the game itself, taking place in a tech lab. This add-on begins in a hallway with four doors that lead to these rooms. 

After the jump you’ll find their detailed descriptions of the Dismemberment Room, the Environtimental Room, the Ladder Challenge, and the Custom Combat Arena. The Dismemberment Room lets you pick limbs on a soldier and then blow them off with “spectacular results.”

All of the rooms sound and look pretty badass. Check out the images in our gallery below. And if you like, preorder.

Those who pre-order the game from GameStop will be able to access four exclusive rooms, each of which offers players unique new toys. The environment is separate from the game itself, and it feels like a stark, white high-tech lab. Players begin in a hallway with a door in each wall.

Through the first door is the Dismemberment Room. Using a control panel, this room lets players select various limbs and body parts on a holographic soldier. Once the selections are locked in, the soldier appears in a tiled room viewed through a glass wall. The selected limbs are severed with spectacular results.

The second room is the Environmental Kill room. This large room features small set-ups of each of the various environments found within the main game. A jungle. A laboratory. A ruined temple. All of these environments contain sharp objects on which Wolverine can impale his enemies. By pushing a red button, players can teleport in a group of soldiers and hurl them against the sharp objects to see them creatively skewered.

The third room is the Ladder Challenge room, which features an array of teleportation disks against the far wall. Pushing a red button will cause a group of enemies to beam into the room. Each time the red button is pushed, the enemies get tougher and more numerous, laddering up the challenge for Wolverine.

The fourth room is the Custom Combat Arena. This huge space lets players select any combination of enemies from within the game, beam them into the arena, and attempt to defeat them. Face ten hulking Leviathans or a blend of towering W.E.N.D.I.G.O. Prototypes, Machete Champions, and Machine gunners. It gives players endless permutations of exciting battles.

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