WWE 2K19 has a phenomenal cover star in AJ Styles

Here’s hoping the game is actually phenomenal

That’s right, the champ that runs the camp, the face that runs the place, that man that built the house of Smackdown Live is now the latest cover star in the annual WWE 2K series. Announced today by WWE and 2K Sports, AJ Styles will be officially gracing the cover of WWE 2K19, which is set to release later this fall on October 9 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

This will be the sixth game in the WWE 2K series, with the previous cover stars including The Rock, John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, and Seth Rollins. Not much else was shared in terms of information on the game itself, but, AJ Styles did announce during the conference that he also has a “challenge for everyone out there.”

“If you win the contest and beat me, AJ Styles, in WWE 2K19, you could win a million dollars.” continued Styles. “That’s right. You heard me right. $1 million. Let’s do this. I’m calling it the WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge. All entrants can participate on the PS4 and the Xbox One.”

The rules appear basic enough, contestants will first have to beat a yet-to-be-announced new mode within WWE 2K19 and then submit a video explaining why they deserve a chance to virtual manhandle AJ Styles. Following this, four players will be chosen to grapple it out in a semi-final in WWE 2K19, with the winner going on to face AJ Styles in WWE 2K19.

Notably, there isn’t any mention of a Switch version as of yet. But, will you attempt to grapple Big Bible Styles in WWE 2K19 for a million big ones? Pro tip: maybe don’t quote Jesus around him or mention flat Earth stuff in general.

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