WWE 2K17 season pass detailed

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Are you excited for WWE 2K17? No? Well, I tried.

2K is trying as well with a season pass for the upcoming wrestling game. It contains a lot of extra content, which seems to be par for the course with these games. Remove wrestlers one year for DLC, then include in the next game only to remove them two years later!

For $30, you’ll get the Accelerator (unlock everything), Future Stars pack, the Hall of Fame Showcase expansion, the Legends pack and the New Moves pack. You can also get all of this with the $90 digital deluxe version of the game (on Xbox One and PS4). That $90 version comes with a small bonus for WWE 2K16 players in the form of a MyPlayer kick start.

The Future Stars pack features up and coming WWE stars (Austin Aries, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Mojo Rawley, and Tye Dillinger). The New Moves pack contains actual wrestling moves (how awesome) for your created wrestlers. The Legends pack brings Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Eddie Guerrero, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Sycho Sid, and Tatanka into the game.

The Hall of Fame Showcase expansion features the famous 1992 bout of Diamond Dallas Page and Cactus Jack Vs. The Fabulous Freebirds from WCW. Also included is Big Boss Man Vs. Big Show from 1999 and Ivory Vs. Jacqueline from Smackdown 2000. This was about the only decent feature in WWE 2K15, so this one might not be so bad.

Not mentioned in the season pass is the NXT Enhancement pack. Going for $10, it includes new wrestlers for the NXT roster and additional bonus points for competing in NXT during MyCareer.

Should anyone rocking last generation consoles feel left out, fear not! An $80 digital deluxe version of WWE 2K17 will be offered that includes most of this DLC and the game. Shame on you for thinking 2K would leave last-gen gamers in the cold!

For an even more detailed breakdown of all this “great” stuff, check out 2K’s website. I can’t actually access it as the firewall at work has the site blocked under “Intimate Apparel/Swimsuit,” so maybe there is something extra special for curious gamers.

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