WWE 2K15 trailer takes us back to 1999 with ‘Bawitdaba’

All the heads to bang, bang

The first gameplay trailer for WWE 2K15 features plenty of high-flying action from almost every WWE superstar imaginable. There are babyfaces and heels everywhere, from Daniel Bryan rousing the crowd with his signature “YES!” chant to Triple H nailing a Pedigree. Oh yeah, and Bray Wyatt does his creepy upside-down spiderwalk thing.

But, the real star here is the emergence of Kid Rock’s “Bawitdaba” — a rap metal anthem long forgotten by the middle schoolers of 1999. Hopefully this is a hint at impending Kid Rock DLC when the game launches on October 28. We love you, Sting, but that would be the real showstopper.

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