WTFOMGBBQ?: Purchase Gary Coleman’s GameCube on eBay

Sometimes life is good, and sometimes life is great. Tonight, life is great — Gary Coleman’s GameCube is up for grabs on eBay. From the Engrish-like description of joy and good times: 

What your Looking at here is The Famous Gary Coleman’s Game Cube How Authentic!!! Also He Signed himself the Game Cube and all of the Six Games which include Mario Kart(Double Dash), Super Smash Bros.(Melee), Robots, Mortal Kombat(Deception), Sonic 2(Adventure Battle), and Sonic Gems(Collection). Please have a blast Looking and thanks for checking out my site. The Game Cube Console Does NOT have the original instructions sorry about that.  All the games however have all of the instructions. The Game console and games are all gently Used and in Excellent Condition. If you have any Further Questions please email me Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!! There are also two Game Controllers one is Silver the original and the other is black. Here is a great gift to have if your a Collector or if YOU LOVE GARY COLEMAN!!!!!

How authentic! While this might seem completely random, keep in mind that Gary Coleman’s initials are “GC,” and the word “GameCube” also has a capital “G” and a capital “C” in it. Coincidence? I seriously doubt it.

[Via Game|Life]

Nick Chester