WTF? Wii Room Moving Pack? Isn’t that just extra cables?

Not a bad idea, I guess. I have this one Wii that I like to move around the house. I don’t have a second power adaptor or IR bar, so I have to move that with the Wii. I do have a second set of A/V cables, so that makes it a bit easier. It would be easier to just have two sets, I guess.

That’s what the Wii Room Moving Pack is, essentially. It’s paying 4,200 yesn (about $40) so you don’t have to dig behind your TV to pull out cables to move your Wii. This pack includes the power pack, Wii sensor bar and composite cables. Nintendo is selling these in Japan, but I’d imagine the pack would come west sometime soon too.

Commence joking on how you don’t even play your Wii in the one place anyway.

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