WTF: PlayStation tries selling us on Vue with Aqua Teen ad


WANT TO FEEL OooOoOoOoOoLDDDD?!?!?1 Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a 15 years old television program. Remember television? That humble technology before Snapchat, million view pre-teen Minecraft let’s plays, and Super Porn?

And Aqua Teen is, apparently, a show still on television (which also still exists, surprisingly!). The internet says the series finale is this Sunday, actually. Until then, Sony wants to squeeze any earned nostalgia out of the program by using it to convince you to pay for PlayStation Vue.

Remember PlayStation Vue? It’s hamstrung cable television for $50/month only available in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco (or $12/month for access to Showtime — also still exists! — nationwide).


Steven Hansen