Writing about Kiki Trick: The sound of one hand clapping

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When you write for a videogame blog, you know when lot of people are going to read your new post. Writing about SOPA, Resident Evil 6, Grand Theft Auto 5; these are the kind of stories that millions of people already have a vested interest in. 

Then there are the times when you’re pretty sure someone might have vested interest in what you’re writing about, but there is no way to be sure. It could be about some “indie” game, or “casual” game, or in this case, a Japanese Wii game about comic surrealism sound recognition called Kiki Trick. Does anyone think this is worth reading about? I hope so, because I certainly think it’s worth writing about. Very few home console, retail-based games tries to do something completely different, and that’s what Kiki Trick is all about. 

Above you’ll find a video of one of Kiki Trick‘s in-game toys, a little Gameboy-like device that lets you make an noodle-eating man blow his nose, fart, pick his teeth, and do other noisy things. Below you’ll find a video of the actual gameplay, which appears to be about guessing what types of baseball sounds are in your martini. I’m also throwing in a video of some girls just chilling out with some Kiki Trick and basically keeping it real. I am including this video because I watched it for 30 seconds and thought it was alright.

This game looks weird and fun.

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