This isn’t the first time WOW has spent time on a Coke Commercial, but it better be the last. Blizzard makes enough from their WOW monthly membership fees to single handedly make a global PS3 launch this Xmas possible. And what are they doing with their money? Not making the most kickass movie possible. Blizzard, I get it, you like fulfilling WOW players’ Asian fetishes, and yea, your Chinese demographic is in trouble, but you don’t need anymore money from Coca Cola! I love Final Fantasy Advent Children as a piece of art, why can’t Blizzard pull out all the stops and re-raise the CG bar? Oh yah, cuz you’re too busy KINDA making Starcraft 2 and 3 other games. Yes, I demand you stop being cautious and money-wise and put your future on the line foolishly. Sony did it and look how great that turned out.

Tom Fronczak