WoW Visa card; simultaneously affluent and embarassing

I admit, I spend a lot of time in Azeroth.

Since the launch of World of Warcraft, I’ve spent more time killing murlocs and collecting Dark Iron Ore than I’ve spent in a stable relationship, and after all that time, I still can’t imagine why the hell I just told you all that.

Blizzard, in conjunction with Visa, have decided to release a line of World of Warcraft themed credit cards, and they are exactly as awesome as you might imagine; that is, not at all.

The cards themselves do sport the same excellent artwork as anything else officially associated with the World, but they also radiate the sort of anti-eros that is usually reserved for dead animals and the backs of lupus patients. While your date might appreciate your desire to buy her a meal, a movie and a pony, she’s almost certainly going to question your potential as a mate the moment you pull from your wallet a card emblazoned with the face of a Night Elf whose electronic simulacrum you’ve spent the last two years religiously abusing yourself to.

Earnest Cavalli
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