Wow, this WoW mod triggers an Owen Wilson ‘wow’ while looting items

So hot right now

Owen Wilson has been gracing the screen since 1996 with his signature catch phrase “wow” (or, as it’s come to be known, “woooooow”) that kicked off in his very first film, Bottle Rocket, and now a World of Warcraft modder is keeping that legacy alive with an add-on (mod) for the game.

The gist? When you loot something in-game, it plays an audio clip of Owen Wilson going “wow.” The creator keeps it super low key with the description: “It plays owen wilson saying wow every time you open a loot bag.” Wow, how succinct! The mod has been making the rounds lately after launching earlier this month with the latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth, and a reader brought it to my attention: so here I am sharing it.

This isn’t the first Owen Wilson-themed WoW add-on: there was also a popular mod that played the famous phrase after a critical hit. It eventually grew into a larger project that involved custom audio.

Owen Wilson Addon [Curse] Thanks Jeff!

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