Wow, I’m better at Rock Band than Chvrches is!

But they’re still famous, so whatever

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I take every opportunity to watch real musicians play Rock Band that I can, I’m always interested to see how they’ll do. Especially when it happens to be one of my favorite acts. Extra especially when they’re playing a Rock Band game that hasn’t been released yet. So I was very excited to see synthpop darlings, Chvrches, sit down with Rock Band 4 and play through a few songs.

Turns out they’re not very good at it.

Watching a group that may not be super familiar with rhythm games, but are still real musicians, stumble like third graders in a potato sack race when coming up against one of the new free-flow solos gives me pause. If they choke on it, what chance do my boozed up friends have when I trick them into playing with me?

Of course, I don’t mean to throw any shade on Chvrches. So what if they can’t full-combo sightread Buddy Holly? Their cover of Tightrope still gives me chills. I would love to see some of their music in Rock Band 4.

You can watch the full video to hear the usual PR talk and awkward banter or skip to 11:25 if you just want to see them play.

Nic Rowen