Wow, amiibo really have come a long way: check out the nearly full New York Nintendo Store case

From rags to riches

Insert “do you feel old yet” reference here: amiibo launched in November of 2014, and many, many store exclusives and stocking issues later, it’s become a global phenomenon. Maybe it’s not nearly as popular of a trend as it was during the great Wave 4 crash of 2015 (which turned many people off of the idea entirely), but it’s still profitable enough for Nintendo to keep trucking with it.

On reddit, Naustad shared a quick view of the amiibo showcase at the Nintendo Store in Times Square, New York City, and it’s impressive! Redditor wavebuster also managed to snap a photo of the showcase in April of 2015, which I’ve shared for comparison’s sake in the gallery below.

Lord, have mercy on us for buying amiibo — we know now what we do.

amiibo display at Nintendo Store [Reddit]

Amiibo display at Nintendo store in Time Square. from r/amiibo

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