Would you pay a monthly fee for MMOs on the Xbox 360?

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We’re not just asking this because we think it’s a good question. You see, the watercooler open bar talk here lately is that Microsoft is trying to lock down some kind of MMO standard for Xbox Live and the Xbox 360. And from what we understand, they want that standard to be you paying both for Xbox Live and a monthly fee (or some kind of regular fee) to play these MMOs. I told one heavily involved person close to the subject that most gamers would not go for this. And they agreed wholeheartedly. But if Microsoft has their way, both studios and gamers would have to put up with two charges or more to play.

So what’s the alternative? You continue paying your Xbox Live fees, but the game will be supported with optional downloadable content and updates. One unnamed developer we spoke with working on a couple of high-profile MMOs would like things to work out this way. But we totally get how others wouldn’t like this, including Microsoft.

So, before this all goes down, we wanted to know what you thought. Would you mind paying an additional fee on top of Xbox Live for the MMO games you’ve purchased for the Xbox 360? Or is the free/optional DLC more your speed? Let us know in the poll after the jump.

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