Would you kindly check out this BioShock PS3 new trailer and screenshots

2K Games sent along some new screenshots and a trailer of the PS3 version of BioShock. We were curious when we saw that the new trailer was labeled “BioShock Cool Sh*t Video.” After seeing it, we’ll have to agree that it was packed with cool sh*t.

In case you missed the new additions, here they are:

  • a new Survivor difficulty mode
  • Trophy support
  • all-new Add-On game content
  • Challenge Rooms

I’m not crazy enough to compare these new screenshots with Xbox 360 ones, but I will say that they look great, as expected. Let’s be safe and say that either version is a treat for the eyes. PS3-only gamers will finally get to traverse Rapture on October 21.

They say that you’ll never have the same experience twice in Rapture. Are any of you looking to play it again on the PS3? Or have you had your fill?

Dale North