Worms DLC hits XBLA tomorrow; thank god you only need the one kidney

Continuing the semi-new fad of coaxing cash from your customer’s metaphorical teats until they’re metaphorically red and sore and start exuding some kind of metaphorical greenish mucous, Team 17, the underappreciated geniuses behind the Worms franchise will be unleashing some new DLC for the XBLA iteration of Worms tomorrow. The content will include the requisite gamer pics, and themes (at the typical 100-200 MS Point range), as well as three new landscapes: Hell (150 MS Points), Jungle (150 MS Points) and Space (0 MS Points).

Fortunately, the Space landscape is slated to be a free download, so instead of just the metaphorical sodomy of being charged for the same content you could download for free on a PC back in Aught One, they’re giving you a lil’ cuddle and calling you “tiger” beforehand.

(Editor’s Note: This post was brought to you by the fine people at the Institute for a Metaphorical Tomorrow: If you can’t actually make a useful analogy, use a metaphor! — Nex)

[Metaphorical props to Kotaku

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