Worms: Battle Islands drops November 23

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Next week, November 23rd, the PlayStation Network gets a new download with Worms: Battle Islands. This game has a “modern conflict” theme, so in it you’ll be doing battle in different environments: Nuclear, Desert, Underwater, Jungle, Chemical Plant, and Arctic. Will you be there to answer that call of duty and earn your medal of honor? GET IT?

There’s lots of different modes to go at it in: Deathmath, Fort Mode, the newer Racing Mode, Triathlon Mode, and the newest, Tactics Mode. In this new mode you’ll take over an island base that is home to an item. These items give you battle abilities. Playing online lets you take the opponents item if you win. It supports four players over internet and ad-hoc, as well as good ol’ PSP passing.

Single player has over 70 challenges, editor modes, and even weapon creation in the Weapon Factory. This sounds like a huge game.

Worms: Battle Islands comes next week, November 23rd, to PSN, for $24.99.

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