Worms: Battle Island coming to PSP, Wii

Worms: Battle Islands is coming to both the PSP and Wii, but there’s been some changes to how it will be released if you’ve been following the Worms games. Let’s start with the PSP, as that one is easy. The title is coming to Sony’s portable as a download only, slated to hit the PlayStation Network this winter.

As for the Wii, the title was previously announced as a WiiWare title, but now it has shifted to a retail release. THQ will now be publishing Worms: Battle Islands, and the WiiWare version has been pulled. Team17 gave us the skinny on the reason for the switch:

With regards to Worms: Battle Islands for Wii, a title we announced some time back, it became increasingly clear that by switching the game from WiiWare to a boxed retail Wii title, we would be able to make the game available to as many Worms fans on the platform as possible. We are pleased that through the THQ Partners program, we will have a strong retail presence for Worms: Battle Islands on Wii coming into the important holiday season.

Team17 says that despite this choice, their focus remains on developing games for digital platforms and self-publishing.

The two versions will be similar, but the Wii one will feature three control methods: motion sensing with and without Nunchuk, or with classic button controls with the Wii Remote turned sideways.

Dale North