World to the West has been delayed on Wii U

The journey can wait

We somehow missed the news last week, but Rain Games announced that the Wii U port of World to the West would be delayed by a few weeks to work on optimization. While they could have released the title and did a post-launch patch, they felt it was better for Wii U owner’s first impressions to be of a stable and working title instead of something that barely functions.

“We’ve chosen to delay the Wii U release of the game for a few weeks,” Rain Games’ statement reads, “until we can deliver the game in its best possible state. We’re not happy to keep the Wii U users waiting, but we figured it’s better to release the game in a smooth state rather than releasing a patch later on and giving early adopters a less polished experience.” Why more triple A developers don’t follow this mantra is beyond me, but at least someone is running a decent business. You can read the full statement below:

On a more personal note, I want to apologize to you, our readers, about not having this news sooner. I’ve been the one keeping up with the game ever since I got my hands on that preview build a few months back. I’ve tried to stay up-to-date on the happenings of the game and this just slipped past my grasp. That I missed this makes me sad, but at least you’ll know why the game isn’t on the eShop tomorrow.

Hopefully Rain Games can get the Wii U version working in a short while. I would hate for them to silently cancel the game after Nintendo has basically left the console out to dry.

Rain Games [Twitter]

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