World of Warcraft’s formidable Queen Azshara gets a stunning new introduction for the latest expansion

Love the story of the Naga

Azshara was once a mighty Highborne who ruled a beautiful kingdom in the World of Warcraft lore, but that day has since long passed. Now she rules the traditionally evil Naga faction underwater, and is set to be one of the major antagonists in the new expansion Battle for Azeroth.

As you can see in the new clip from the video below, Azshara wasn’t always pure Lovecraftian evil. The Warbringers series has been fantastic so far at showing us the nuances of the cast, and this cinematic (one of the best) is no exception. She’s filled with pure malice now though, don’t worry, and is mixed up with the old god G’huun.

I could probably watch hundreds of these.

Chris Carter
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