World of Warcraft players can now exchange gold for credit

And you know what that means: LOOT BOXES

Blizzard has expanded its WoW Token system in World of Warcraft to enable players to cash in their gold for Balance. Now when you exchange your gold for a WoW Token, you’ll be able to redeem the trinket for 30 days of game time as before or, alternatively, $15 USD in credit.

Knowing that many of us split our time between multiple Blizzard games that feature items purchasable with real-world currency (or in this case, store credit), the new option is a smart move by the company. And even for the folks who play nothing but World of Warcraft, there’s pets to consider.

The pricing might not necessarily work in your favor since the gold value of tokens is “determined dynamically based on supply and demand,” but if you somehow have a bunch of them stockpiled and want a specific seasonal Overwatch skin, that’s certainly one way to load up on Loot Boxes.

Trade a WoW Token for Balance [World of Warcraft]

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