World of Warcraft is getting a massive class change patch before Legion

Arrives today

Having played World of Warcraft since Vanilla (off and on after Lich King), it’s amazing to see how each class has changed. And before Legion drops next month, it’s about to get one of its biggest class shakeups yet.

As of today, several major Legion features will be added to the game, including Transmogrification alterations. But the biggest shift is easily the aforementioned class adjustments, which you can preview here for each individual role. Some major things are happening, like Rogues exchanging their combat spec for “outlaw,” Shamans can summon multiple totems in the same category and have Elementals follow them, and so on.

Legion is still set for an August 30 launch date, but Blizzard expects to add the Demon Hunter “around the second or third week of August (no later than August 17) for players who pre-purchase the expansion — which will start at level 98.

I think this round has the potential to bring back a lot of old fans, and I’m anxious to find out what’s after this for this still popular yet aging game.

The Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Arrives July 19 []

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