World of Warcraft is finally letting people fight Sylvanas in an upcoming raid

In ‘Chains of Domination’

World of Warcraft proper was not left out of the BlizzCon 2021 news cycle, as Shadowlands is still trucking. Well, I might add!

I still play it weekly, and it looks like I’m going to have a lot more to do soon when the “Chains of Domination” update hits. As is the case with most WoW patches this is a huge chunk of content all at once, and there’s a lot to unpack here.

Chains of Domination picks up after the last raid with the defeat of Sire Denathrius, who is but a smaller pawn in this larger game for the fate of the Shadowlands. You’ll head to Korthia, “City of Secrets,” in the next major story zone that will sport new quests and “outdoor activities.” Also, the covenants will have an expanded role in the story as they are no longer just on the defense (you have been gathering all that anima for a reason, right?), which will culminate in a new raid battle, “Sanctum of Domination.”

This one seems like a doozy, featuring the “true Eye of the Jailer,” the Tarragrue, and Sylvanas! You’ll also be able to head into a new mega-dungeon (Tazavesh, the Veiled Market) which is themed after the popular Brokers race. Oh, and PVP season 2 is starting, as well as new Mythic Keystone dungeon themes, more covenant armor, more mounts/pets…and flying! The latter of which will be enabled in “the covenant’s four domains” (read: the four main zones).

It’s pretty much what everyone could have wanted from a Shadowlands update: I just hope there’s some quality of life changes baked in there too for the game as a whole.

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