World of Warcraft is buffing its Pokemon pet battle system XP this week

I choose you, Murky

Pokemon Sword and Shield still has some life in it yet with the upcoming expansion, but World of Warcraft is also getting in on the pet battling fun.

As part of the “Bonus Event” system to keep people interested until the Shadowlands expansion drops (which still has an unannounced date), all pet battle experience is buffed 200% once again, and you’ll earn rewards for winning five pet battles (which you can queue up by pressing shift+P to open your pet journal, then hitting “find battle”).

Next week on May 5, the pet battle bonuses are done and the Timewalking Dungeon Event starts, which allows players that are level 91 or higher to access a Timewalking Dungeon queue which scales players down to old Mists of Pandaria expansion dungeons. Timewalking has been in for ages, and the concept is similar to Final Fantasy XIV‘s roulette system. You can find a link to the in-game event calendar below.

As we covered previously, World of Warcraft is undergoing some massive changes in the coming months: some of which will have rippling effects the game has never seen before.

The Pet Battle Bonus Event Has Begun []

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