World of Warcraft gets some new ads … on its Web site

I think it’s safe to say that World of Warcraft will never support the kind of advertisements that games like Madden and Burnout: Paradise have. Billboards would look awkward on the side of the many scattered and narrow dirt roadways. And there isn’t an apparatus that pops up to inform players that they just outscored a hoard of Skeleton monsters 14-21 in the first quarter of fighting.

Advertisers still want their piece of WoW pie and I found it interesting that Gillette is the company to do so. We recently came across a rather dull press release that spilled some marketing beans. Gilette is attempting to reach the 11-million (predominately male) World of Warcraft players by placing a banner ad in the right-hand portion of Blizzard’s official site.

Sure, Gillette was successful in reaching a demographic but I have a feeling that their ad isn’t going to resonate with WoW players. I’ll put it this way: I don’t think any person spending considerable time in the game has cares who Derek Jeter is or what he does with a razor.

I might be projecting. I enjoy clicking on ads relevant to my interests like those awesome ones that challenge you to shoot a famous person with a funny object three times. So challenging!

Today, we’re proud to announce our exciting launch of Intergi’s first advertiser to capitalize on our new partnership with the world’s most popular video game, World of Warcraft.
Check out how Intergi is helping Gillette online today at

Gillette, one of the world’s premier providers of shaving and grooming products, has partnered with Intergi to support the launch of a new campaign deploying rich media ads across the World of Warcraft website, placing their brand in front of 11 million gamers.  A very exciting opportunity when we can pair Gillette with WoW’s coveted 18-40 year old male demographic – also an offering that no other mediums can match!

WoW Data Points:
11 Million Unique Users
60% Males 18 to 34
62% of total PC game minutes played were on World of Warcraft (*Nielsen games)

Brad BradNicholson