World of Keflings is still looking cute

Ninjabee posted some new screenshots of World of Keflings on their official blog the other day. For some reason, clicking them does nothing. Nothing! If you want bigger size screenshots, Gamespot appears to be the only place that has them. Anyway, it’s reason enough to take another look and to remember this game is still coming this year.

The sequel to 2008’s Kingdom of Keflings will give you a lot of new stuff to play with and multiple areas to build in.From the looks of the last trailer, there will be some more quests to broaden the gameplay. It also shows new resources, flying machines and more ways to mess with your Keflings, like putting them in an infinite cannon loop. Your Keflings can now also be set to bring building pieces to your avatar, which should save you a lot of running up and down to that one production building. The one you put in that awful position four hours ago.

Co-op player avatars can also do buddy moves a la Army of Two. There will also be at least one pirate, while ninjas are nowhere to be seen. Perhaps Ninjabee is conceding the losing Ninjas vs. Pirates battle? The cannons look like a way to speed up your Keflings’ movement over the map, although it’s unclear if you can have them fly somewhere with materials in their hands.  And you can push buildings around now! Yes!

Is anyone else excited about losing more hours than you thought you were spending on this game? I for one remember postponing a bathroom break for more than an hour while playing Kingdom of Keflings. That soundtrack though… I sure hope there will be more tunes this time around. It drove me crazier than Settlers 2‘s original soundtrack.

Maurice Tan