World of Goo sliding to iPad soon

2D Boy has submitted the iPad version of World of Goo for approval by Apple, meaning it shouldn’t be much longer now before the game hits the App Store. Even if you have one or multiple versions already, I could see getting this just for the portability and the touch-based controls.

After warning us about that dreaded sphinx gate, 2D Boy gave us this description: “You can play with 11 fingers on one screen. Which means you can play two handed, with friends, an animal, anything up to eleven fleshy things touching the screen. World of Goo is rated E for Everyone.”

It’s also worth pointing out that someone asked about the possibility of a sequel, and they didn’t immediately shoot down the idea as per the indie tradition. “A second World of Goo will need to feel like a perfect and appropriate continuation of the first game. No Red Bull Can levels or rapping Goo cutscenes, according to our official design doc.” Well, there you have it.

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