World in shock at mention of upcoming Skate sequel

No surprises here, but it looks like Electronic Arts is working on — or at least thinking about — a new game in the Skate franchise.

One of the dudes over at skateboarding Web site Epicly Strife dropped some info on the new hot place to spill your guts, Twitter.

“I just got told ‘tonight we gotta’ celebrate,’” Epicly Trife’s Schmitty wrote, “one of the bros got offered to be in Skate 3.”

Seeing as how the first and second games were reasonably solid, we could think of worse news. But EA should tread carefully, and keep an eye on the history of the one-time King of Skating Games, Tony Hawk Pro Skater.

If you recall, developer Neversoft made a Tony Hawk game a year until it got burnt out and moved on to Guitar Hero. If history is any indication, Skate developer EA Black Box will be working on Rock Band titles by 2013. Obviously.

What new would you like to see EA bring to the series? What’s missing? What would you like to see go away?

[via Kotaku]

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