World at War’s map packs prices slashed until November

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If Call of Duty: World at War’s multiplayer tickles you in fantastic ways, now would be an excellent time to jump on the DLC. The word from Major Nelson is that all three of the map packs released for Treyarch’s latest release are priced at 400 Microsoft Banana Dollars — a 50 percent savings.

Just as a refresher, Map Pack 1 includes four maps: Nightfire, Knee Deep, Station, and the Nazi Zombie favorite Verruckt. The second pack has the zombie-busting level Shi No Yuma, as well as Banzai, Corrosion, and Sub Pens. Map Pack 3, which hit this August, contains Battery, Revolution, Breach and Der Riese.

Like the Fable II Pub Games Deal of the Week, this deal is valid until the first of November 1st and is probably an Xbox LIVE Gold-exclusive thing.  

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