World at War ‘Verruckt’ map hits App Store

A piece of Call of Duty: World at War‘s undead DLC is seeing new life on a different platform. Activision has released “an adaptation” of the “Verruckt” map for its Call of Duty: World at War: ZOMBIES iPhone game.

Priced at $4.99, and available from the game’s main menu, “Verruckt” is much like its console DLC counterpart. The official release states that it adds new weapons, defenses, and Perks-A-Cola Machines on top of the expansion area.

Quite the price for handheld content, we think, but apparently ZOMBIES as a whole is a quality offering that we just need to get our hands on and then pay more money for afterwards. A total of 702 raters have given it their five-star approval. That means a lot in this war economy. Get the demo here, or hell, buy the full version here.

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