Woot: Portable Sega Genesis for $30, kinda

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No, it’s not a Nomad. I’d lose my sh*t if it was a Nomad for $30. Still, you can play Sega Genesis games on this Retro-Bit Retrogen Portable Sega Genesis Handheld. It has a 2.8 inch LCD and six buttons to go with that Genesis cartridge slot. Single-player only, though. I guess TV-out and a rechargeable battery additions are a nice trade-off. The d-pad looks meh, but hey — $30.

What’s a little scary is that the sales page says “actual product may not be exactly as shown.” Yikes. The sales page also has an unboxing video by a guy that never stops talking to breathe. Get past all of that, and this isn’t too bad of a deal.

Woot has the hookup for those interested.

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